• (Day 1) Sep 24, 2023 Sunday

  • (Day 2) Sep 25, 2023 Monday

  • (Day 3) Sep 26, 2023 Tuesday

  • Check in for the conference and get your badge!
    Near the front desk of the hotel

  • Brands will host a breakfast table where their logo will be prominently displayed with whatever swag they want to place at the table. Attendees will grab their breakfast from a buffet line and have a choice of which table to sit at. This is a networking opportunity for brands to meet media attendees in a semi-intimate breakfast setting.

  • This booze-fueled chaotic competition is one of the quickest ways to hit all of the touristy hotspots in North Lake Tahoe in the least amount of time possible. Attendees split up into teams and scatter throughout town, hitting stations where High Intelligence Tasks (or HITs) await your crew. You’ll collaborate with your newly formed teammates to accomplish these HITs and compete for prizes while also creating content that you can potentially use for your brand or publication’s social handles.

  • Media, brands and Scavenger Hunt teams are all potential recipients of Outdoor Media Awards. The atmosphere is both fun and light, yet suspenseful as the awards get more serious (like Editor of the Year). During the ceremony, three categories of awards will be announced: People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and Sponsors Choice.