• Day 1 l Monday, Oct. 14

  • Day 2 l Tuesday, Oct. 15th

  • Day 3 l Wednesday, Oct. 16th

  • Check in and grab your badge and program!
    Entrance of the Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown

  • New Gear Speed Date kicks off Outdoor Media Summit with gear journalists rotating through 24 outdoor brand booths, checking out the latest gear innovations. It's a fast-paced opportunity for journalists to get hands-on with new outdoor gear, giving them the scoop for upcoming articles and features.

    Current brands include: Osprey, Patagonia, COAST Products, Korkers, Scarpa, CamelBak, NEMO Equipment, SIMMS Fishing, Nikwax, ENO, OM System, Minus 33, Mountainsmith, Teren Designs, LIVSN, Camp Chef
    In the ABCD ballrooms in the Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown

  • Join AvantLink for a comprehensive workshop, delving into strategies for brands to harness the power of affiliate marketing effectively. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to maximize your brand's affiliate partnerships.

  • Join us for Opening Night Reception at (a location that we can't wait to share), where we'll have dinner, drinks (both alcoholic and non), games, and a good time!
    An amazing Missoula location that we can't wait to share!

  • Brands will host a breakfast table where their logo will be prominently displayed with whatever swag they want to place at the table. Attendees will grab their breakfast from a buffet line and have a choice of which table to sit at. This is a networking opportunity for brands to meet media attendees in a semi-intimate breakfast setting.

  • 19 years ago, former Field & Stream editor, Sid Evans, entrusted a top 10-list style manifesto to Colin, in hopes that he would continue to grow the tradition of the magazine. Colin will share these secretive nuggets of wisdom to fellow media and marketing professionals at Outdoor Media Summit, while adapting some new rules that he's created to adjust to the ever-changing media landscape. While not actually editing tips, Evans' sage advice serves as a guide to any person who holds, or hopes to hold, the title, Editor in Chief.

  • It's not just new brands that are taking advantage of crowdfunding as a major source of income and lead generation. Established brands that either got their start via crowdfunding or the "traditional" way are turning classic crowdfunding methods on their heads to keep them relevant at all stages of the game. Learn how to elevate your crowdfunding game to the next level so it can support you and your goals even as you grow.
    Content Monetization
    Room 2

  • It's one thing to make incredible videos. It's another to get people to watch them in the first place. These YouTube aficionados have cracked the code on this platform's unique algorithm, and know just how to reel in viewer after viewer before they've even hit play.
    Content Amplification
    Room 1

  • Julia Clark, Executive Director Business Development, Sports at Circana will share sales data for outdoor product categories for the fall and winter seasons. Learn about which product categories and brands are doing well, while also listening to their forecasts for the year ahead, and how you can leverage retail sales data to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth. Gain exclusive insight into the market, hear strategies for success from leading outdoor brands, and learn how you can adapt quickly to a changing outdoor market.

  • This booze-fueled chaotic competition is one of the quickest ways to hit all of the touristy hotspots in North Lake Tahoe in the least amount of time possible. Attendees split up into teams and scatter throughout town, hitting stations where High Intelligence Tasks (or HITs) await your crew. You’ll collaborate with your newly formed teammates to accomplish these HITs and compete for prizes while also creating content that you can potentially use for your brand or publication’s social handles.

  • Media, brands and Scavenger Hunt teams are all potential recipients of Outdoor Media Awards. The atmosphere is both fun and light, yet suspenseful as the awards get more serious (like Editor of the Year). During the ceremony, three categories of awards will be announced: People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and Sponsors Choice.